About me.

Architect, member of the Bergamo Official Register, North italy.

Technical Advisor of the Judge, registered at the Court of Bergamo.

Yacht Designer with Master, achieved at Politecnico di Milano.

Adjunct Professor at School of Design - Politecnico di Milano – Bovisa Campus.

Ph.D. in Yacht Design & Industrial Sustainable Product, achieved at Genoa University.

Associate Member registered at Royal Institution of Naval Architects - UK.

Member at As.Pro.Na.Di, the italian association of yacht designers.

I carry out the activity of designer in the field of architecture since 1989.

My professional interests range among building construction, residential architecture, FF&E and design for hotels, restaurants, cafès and shop.

I have a strong knowledge about Yacht Design and Industrial Design.

I reached solid competencies in the university teaching.

I conducted studies for the reduction of the architectural barriers on board of the yachts.

During my Ph.D., I did an academic experimentation aimed to the reduction
of the environmental impact of pleasure boats, FRP made,

both about their production process and at the end of the life-cycle.

I designed innovative yacht architectures equipped by electric or hybrid propulsion,

supported by photovoltaic and aeolic technologies.

I undertake about Industrial Design with particular interest toward the ergonomic studies

of individual protection devices as safety helmets for construction workers and technicals.

In the public sector, I held positions as external commissioner
in contest procedures for the contract construction of municipal buildings.

I have a strong skill in sketching and technical drawing, both in analogic and digital shape.

I have a deep knowledge about the use of softwares CAD 2D-3D, for rendering and VVP.

The images presented in this website are synthesis or excerpts of the personal experiences

carried out during my career in field of Architecture, Yacht Design and Industrial Design.

This material is shown for demonstration purpose of more wide diversified documentation

that, normally, constitutes the "package" of each project. It can show steps of design process as initial ideation sketches, preliminary development studies, drafting up of the executive project completed by details of constructive techniques, hand made or digital renderings.

This website is under progressive upgrading and other contents will be added in the future.






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