T     E     M    P    O    R     A    R    Y      P   A   G    E



Yacht Designer

and Industrial Designer.

Technical Advisor to the Judge

at the Court of Bergamo.

Contract professor

of the Workshop of Drawing,

Products Area,

at the Design School,

Polytechnic of Milan.

PhD - Doctor of Philosophy.



Academics degrees

Bachelor degree in Architecture,

technological field.

Master degree in Yacht Design.

PhD degree

in Boat Design

and Sustainable Product.



Professional institutions

Registered at the Board

of Architects - Bergamo.
Registered at the Board

of Advisors of the Judge,
Court of Bergamo.
Associate Member

at Royal Institution

of Naval Architects - UK
Member of As.Pro.Na.Di.,
italian association

of yacht designers.



Professional activity

25 years experience
in the field of building design,
furnishing design for houses, hotels, restaurants, cafes, pub.
14 years experience
in yacht design.
10 years experience
in university teaching.
Expert in industrial design
for personal protective equipments for the sector

of industrial constructions.
Expert designer

in the field of the removal
of architectural barriers

in residential buildings
and aboard of yachts and ships.



Skills and competencies

High skill

in the free-hand drawing.

knowledge and ability

in the use of 2D, 3D CAD 

and VPP softwares.



Design philosophy

The "project" developed
up to its exhaustive

technic declination.
The care of the detail.
The strong propension
to focus the attention
on the feasibility of the concept,
on the product industrialization before which
to the realization of the "emotional" design,
that however is both the first and last indispensable phase
of the design path.
No one limit in the exploration
of new formal and

technologic configurations
of the industrial product,
of the architecture "object".
The continued attention
dedicated to the disciplines
of boat design
and naval architecture.




The images shown
in this personal website
are only a short excursus

of the professional experiences carried out into

a different fields of architecture, industrial design, yacht design and naval architecture.
They are excerpts presented

to demonstrative scope
of more large

and articulated documentation
that constitutes
every project package.
In the specific way
they represent, variously,
initial step of ideation,
or executive development
of the plan of contruction,
or detail of constructive techniques.



Yacht Design

The design of the boats

is my passion.
This web site, in its next version, will complete

with other documentation regarding several projects.
Those about the yachts

will have a prominent position.
Among these also that related to the prototype design of a rigid inflatable boat

with 33 feet of L.O.A., developed during

the study of the research thesis in sustainable yacht design.
The image with the view

of the R.I.B. transom plate

shows the propulsion system, with stern drives

and surface propellers,

which personally I modeled

in 3D starting by

executive drawings
of a well note producer.

This drawing refers

to a hypothesis of preparation, proposed by the research study.
Among the studies conducted in the ambit

of naval architecture,

found a place also

those related

to the multi-hulls both with hybrid propulsion Diesel-electric,
or with totally electric propulsion systems,
either supported by photovoltaic technology.
My research thesis

also investigated the possibilities to build boats

using polymeric materials

not supported by glass fiber.

The R.I.B. prototype

was developed
also to facilitate

the disassembling operations when the boat

reach the end of its life cycle



Professional goals

Architecture and Design
are cultural ambits

where my ideas

found interpretation.
For definition, each designer declines own fancy

in subjective way.
Although this natural propensity, the designer of the third century must understand the project like a complex and articulated trail, where the ability

to work in team

is a real need before that a skill.
For this reason

I am always willing

to set new collaborations,

in whatever way,

especially if developable

in the fields of research, or

in the technological innovation

of the naval product and surely

in the industrial design sector.



Online papers

All the documentation

which is presented

on this website

represent only a small part

of my design production.
For obvious reasons

to protection,

both of the author rights

and the customers privacy

who gave me

the professional tasks,
the project papers

can be available

and consultable,
only in private way

and after specific request.
For the same reason

on this website

 don't find place

the executive drawings

of projects made

in the field of industrial

and naval design,

related to the utility patents already registered

or under registration

at competent

national authorities.



ELEKTRA - Preliminary design for multihull with electric propulsion and reduced environmental impact


Preliminary concept for wooden writing desk built with marble inserts - Rendering

Project for administration office furniture - Preliminary rendering


Hotel - Executive drawing - Constructive plan of the cafè in the restaurant zone


Hotel - Executive rendering of the cafè furnishings of the restaurant zone

Project for two residential buildings with high energetic efficiency - Rendering

CAT24 - Aluminum multihull with hybrid propulsion - Details of a bitt and chock at the stern of right hull

Day-cruiser 7,50 meters of L.O.A. - Project first ranked to the design contest of the magazine Vela&Motore

Sketch of concept for boat with hybrid propulsion system

R.I.B.  MT33 - Detail of transom plate - Transmission system with stern drives and surface propellers

Motoryacht 24 meters bullt in Fiberglass - Plan of construction

SY54 - Sloop cruiser-racer built in aluminum.

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